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It was actually forty eight photographs. And Sebastian’s poses were rather impressive. And some of them just downright filthy. Jim has already made a dozen copies of each.


Sebastian learns just how attached Jim is to his clothing collection, when he returns from a job with a bleeding arm and they brush past each other. Jim hasn’t spoken to him face to face in three days. The waistcoat sits on the dining table, a bloodied memorial.


Jim isn’t dealing well with the London heatwave, and Sebastian walking around the house, slick and half-naked, is making him even more irritable and uncomfortable. He sits, brooding, beside a window in his suit, scowling at the world.


Sebastian has a terrible fear of storms, probably something to do with his mother leaving during a bout of thunder and lightning when he was small. He won’t admit to it for love nor money, and Jim finds it rather sweet. Big, tough sniper is frightened of a little rain and light.


Turkish & Tommy

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give me a character and i’ll give you a sample of how i’d rp them


When a blog that says they’re selective follows you back it’s always a little win.

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